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Our Founder and C.E.O.s
Charlie Ray, Jr & Florence Sconiers
Genealogist, Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board


We salute Charlie Ray and Florence for their dedication, support, and vision of family unity. After the demise of her beloved Charlie Ray “CR” Sconiers, Jr., Florence accepted the nomination of becoming our C.E.O. of the Sconiers Clan, Inc., and continued the legacy and dream of her beloved “CR.” They were kindred spirits who were kind to all they met, and they spent tireless HOURS working for the Sconiers legacy of the Sconiers family. They were NEVER harsh with anyone and allowed situations to “roll off of their backs.”  They understood the role of a leader and the meaning of “personal power,” therefore, they listened attentively to ALL and took their concerns to heart and into consideration.  We shall be forever grateful to both for the work they did for the Sconiers Clan, Inc. in support of family unity. They are gone but NOT forgotten… their legacy lives on.

"May the work I've done speak for me."
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